For someone who is generally quite resolute, I am terrible at resolutions. My most successful bid was a couple of years ago when, a few months after moving to London, my friend and I vowed to be “more zen” so that London’s hurly burly didn’t get us. It was good, and it worked because I was accountable. So here I am.

This year, I have made 15 resolutions for 2015. They are a mixture of abandoned former resolutions, bad habits to be broken and good habits to get into. How successful I will be remains to be seen.

1. Be the best version of myself.
2. Moisturise.
3. Make time to be sociable.
4. Sleep more.
5. Save regularly.
6. Read 30 new books.
7. Watch 15 new films.
8. Make time to write.
9. Practice languages.
10. Get out with camera.
11. Keep to a word a day challenge.
12. Be stronger.
13. Make 25 at 25 list.
14. Be thankful for something every day.
15. Be “zen” (again).

(Suggestions welcome for 6, 7 and 13!)


One thought on “Resolve.

  1. Here’s wishing you every success.

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